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There’s reasoning Behind the name

Curls & Cakes represents Danni, the owner, heart, and whisk behind the business.

With a keen eye for eco-conscious baking and a mop of charming ringlets, Danni has never been one to take things as they are.

Baked with kindness for you and the earth.

Meet Danni

“I’ve been a keen baker for as long as I can remember, as well as experiencing my fair share of food intolerances (gluten-free, dairy-free – you name it!).

Childhood memories take me back to my grandma’s kitchen, where she was renowned for producing the most creative wedding and birthday cakes and where she gave me my first taste of cake decorating – even if I couldn’t quite reach the counter!

From these early childhood teachings, I have been entirely self-taught, experimenting as I develop my own styles and techniques, and this has given me the confidence to give everything and anything a try.

Having struggled with intolerances personally, it’s really highlighted the little choice that individuals with food intolerances have – why should you have to avoid those beautifully fluffy chocolate cakes or gorgeous chewy cookies just because you’re gluten-free?

Aside from my passion for baking and desire to bring sweet cakes and treats to everyone, I’m also committed to looking after the environment. That’s why Curls & Cakes sources ingredients locally and is striving towards waste and plastic-free packaging.”


Our Most valued ingredients:


As part of our environmental and sustainability mission, Curls & Cakes makes effort at every stage of the baking process to limit any impact on the environment.

This means sourcing as many of our ingredients as possible from local sources. As an example, the eggs we use in our cakes come from free-range hens right here in Wānaka.

Additionally, as little single-use plastic as possible is used throughout the process, with many ingredients now being sourced packaging-free from bulk suppliers.

In all cases, where packaging-free orders are not an option, Curls & Cakes is committed to recycling as much waste as possible.

Dietary requirements

At Curls & Cakes, all our cakes are whipped up with gluten-free ingredients as standard. For those who are not gluten-free, I promise you can’t tell the difference!

In addition, we also cater to most dietary requirements with many of our cakes being able to be baked with vegan, egg-free, or dairy-free ingredients on request.

While every care and effort is made to ensure that the products do not contain allergens, please be aware that all cakes are made in a kitchen where allergens may be present.

Whisk this together with a commitment to great baking, and you’ve got Curls & Cakes!

Operating Hours


10am – 4pm, Tuesday – Saturday


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Wednesday – Saturday

Baking days – Responses to enquiries will be slower.


Sunday & Monday

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